Your instructor is Steve Gostin. Steve is a father, husband and has been an accomplished Manager and Leader in the restaurant industry.  Serving organizations at a variety of levels, including Vice President, Director of Operations & General Manage and since 2012, Steve has been an adjunct professor in Culinary and Hospitality Management and Leadership at the Art Institute of California Orange County.

Steve has also been a Management Performance Coach and Teacher in business at a variety of different levels.

Reasonable Effort and Responsible Alcohol Service

If you are an owner/operator of an alcohol service establishment, you need to know the laws. More than
just knowing the laws surrounding responsible service, you need to make “reasonable effort” to ensure
your guests are safe and legal. In short, you need to understand what steps to take to ensure that your
license is protected.

When I was in my late teens, I was a police cadet in Northern California. I was used by the police
department and ABC investigators as a decoy to attempt to purchase alcohol from local businesses. Well,
after 5 successful purchases, I was buying alcohol in liquor stores and restaurants/bars!

Not one person; liquor store clerk or restaurant server, asked me for an ID or questioned me when I
ordered or placed the 6 pack on the counter. I was only 19 years old.

This cost the licensees a hefty fine and suspension of service. Now this was back in the 1980’s, laws
were not as strict and fines were not as hefty, as they are today.

My point of all this…if you are not providing your service team with the knowledge of responsible service
of alcohol, you are negligent in your standing as a licensee and risk future trouble with the ABC and local
law enforcement agencies.

I have been involved in the hospitality industry now for 30 years, starting as a door host and bartender,
then taking the pay cut and getting into management. I have learned that taking the extra steps to
ensure someone’s safety and well-being far outweighs the extra $1.00 tip I might receive for “hooking”
someone up with a little extra pour. I also better understand the consequences of not knowing the laws
regarding liability and responsibility. The difference is immeasurable when you know the facts.

Intelliserve is a comprehensive and in-depth training program for responsible service of alcohol. As a
former server of alcohol, bar manager, leader in the industry and Academic Director of culinary and
hospitality management (at the college level), I created Intelliserve to provide you with the knowledge
and tools your team needs to understand their role as a server of alcohol and I provide a better
understanding of liability and responsibility.

If you don’t know or understand the meaning of “reasonable effort,” Intelliserve training should be in
your future and the future of your team today!

Steve C. Gostin, M.Ed
Founder, Intelliserve Training- The Intelligent Service of Alcohol